jakub kaprzyk Jakub Kaprzyk - Graduated from University of Science and Technology, software designer, security specialist and team leader of Application Integration tehm responsible for intergration of the web application with ABB Internet Portal. Seven years experience in programming using Microsoft .NET platform. In the past he was also involved in databases designing and datawerehouses building (Oracle, MS SQL). MCTS certification in ASP.NET. Fan of mobile devices and computer games.

szymon pobiega Szymon Pobiega - Szymon is an aspiring software architect and a journeyman. It means that I he intensively learns what software architecture is about. In his journey he tries many different approaches, sometimes succeeding and sometimes I failing.

He is strongly convinced that good software architect must be a hands–on coder and because of that, he tries to broaden and deepen both his technical and architectural skills.

Szymon is one of the leaders of Krakow .NET Developers Group. He is very passionate about software development and likes to share his passion in all available ways: by speaking at UG meetings and conferences, writing a blog and publishing his thoughts on–line using Twitter.

In his free time he runs a couple of OSS projects: DDDSample.NET (a sample of various versions DDD approach), NetMX (a .NET port of JMX), WS– Man.NET (a WS–Management implementation) and contributes to Ncqrs project.

michal brzozowski Michał Brzozowski - for 5 years working as a software developer and architect in ABB located in Cracow. Specialized in Internet and intranet applications based on Microsoft technologies. Speaker and an active member of KGD.NET. Speaker at conferences such as: C2C, CodeCamp, MTS, Heroes {Community} Launch. Fascinated with TDD and Agile methodologies. Working with .NET technology from the very beginning of its existence.

pawel brodzinski Paweł Brodziński - is an experienced leader and team builder who managed different software teams along his career from tiny groups working on in-house solutions up to big software divisions working on multiple complex projects. He works at VSoft – one of top Polish vendors of solutions for financial market – where he leads 150 engineers.

Pawel is also well-recognized blogger writing about software project management at blog.brodzinski.com. He is a fan of choosing right approach to right problem and doesn't believe in a silver bullet. Pawel is passionate about leading great teams, fixing broken projects and creating high-quality software.

rob ashton Rob Ashton - is a freelance software consultant from the UK, but currently operating in Belgium. He is passionate about good design and continuous improvement, and when not exhausted from working hard for his clients, can be found contributing to various open source projects with the overall goal of making them easier to use.

Rob can regularly be found doing talks on these things, often as a result of being bribed with coffee or food to do so.

tiberiu covaci Tiberiu Covaci - worked between 2004 and 2011 at Many-core in Sweden as senior trainer and mentor for .NET and other technologies built on top of .NET. He works closely with Microsoft, both as Author, and Technology Reviewer for the Microsoft .NET Official Curriculum courses. He is a member of the MCT Advisory Council, INETA Speaker, IASA Speaker, and INETA Country Lead for Sweden. After the success he encountered at TechDays 2009 in Sweden he developed a passion for speaking about new technologies, and that made him a very popular speaker at conferences like TechEd, VSLive, DevReach, TechDays, Øredev, ScanDev, NDC and MCT Summit. He is interested in technologies like multi-core programming, ASP.NET, new programming languages and trends. Whenever he gets the time, he blogs at http://blog.multi-core.net. This year he decided to apply all his knowledge in practice by joining, as Senior Developer, a highly technical company based in Bermuda.

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