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rafał legiędź Rafał Legiędź - software developer in ABB Poland located in Lodz. Graduated computer science at Wroclaw University (Departament of Computer Science and Mathematics). Works for ABB from the beginning of 2009. An avid advocator of pragmatic approach to software development. Passionate about Microsoft technologies (mainly C# and ASP.NET).

Privately cofounder of Group which is focused on developing websites for polish developer’s community, i.e. and


michał śliwoń Michał Śliwoń - Finished University of Technology in Gdansk at faculty Computer Science. For about 3 years working with Microsoft technologies. He’s an enthusiast of technology movement which Microsoft is doing towards more developer-friendly platforms (EF, MVC). Daily working on transformer designing applications. Privately - sports enthusiast and active observer of every possible developer-oriented stream of data.


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